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Legal Notice

1. Operator
Company Official Name: Moj izziv d.o.o. Headquarters: Grintovška 42, SI-4000  Kranj, Slovenia.
Responsible person in the company (legal representative or representative): mag. Matjaž Frelih, email: info@frelaxl.com

2. Notice of use and processing of personal data
The controller may use and process the personal data of the user of the website, obtained upon registration in the frelaxl.com online store, in accordance with the regulations in force on the protection of personal data (Law on Personal Data Protection ZVOP-1, Official Gazette RS, No. 94/07 ).

According to ZVOP-1, the controller of personal data may process personal data if the personal consent of the individual is given. Personal consent is a voluntary declaration of an individual’s will that his or her personal data may be processed for a specific purpose and is given on the basis of information provided by the controller. The personal consent of the individual may be the written, oral or other appropriate consent of the individual. In the case of the use of the frelaxl.com online store, the personal consent shall be deemed to be the conduct of a user who, upon registering in frelaxl.com online, by clicking on the “Registration” button, confirms that he has read the terms of use and that he fully agrees with them.

3. Use, extent and purpose of storage and treatment
We store and process personal information for the purposes of ordering and customer support.
For the purpose of sending the ordered products we store and deliver to the following companies:
– name,
– surname,
– title,
– telephone number,
– email address.

We use personal information mainly within the company Moj izziv d.o.o, Grintovška ulica 42, SI-4000 Kranj, Slovenia. For delivery of the ordered products we also hand them over to courier services (DHL, UPS, DPD and others).

4. Consent to the processing of personal data
We collect personal information with the express consent or. with the consent of individuals. A user on the site, upon registering in the frelaxl.com online store, which, by clicking on the “Register” button, confirms that he accepts and agrees to these General Terms and Conditions, gives the personal consent to the use and processing of the personal data required in accordance with the rules on personal data protection. On the basis of his / her personal consent, the controller may process personal data for the purposes described in point 3 of the privacy statement.

5. Amount
We store personal data files in the territory of the Republic of Slovenia and do not transfer them to other countries.

6. Retention period
We keep the personal information of the individual for as long as is strictly necessary to achieve the purpose for which they were processed or. until the consent of the individual to store and process the data is revoked. Upon revocation of the consent of the individual, his / her personal data shall be immediately effectively and permanently deleted. To the extent that the purposes described above for the purpose of which we store and process personal data cease to exist in our company, the databases for which the purpose has been terminated will be immediately effectively and permanently deleted.

7. Rights of the individual (s)
Anyone at any time may request for their information: – insight, – correction, – complete erasure, – interruption of processing and storage, or revocation of consent for processing and storage without prejudice to the lawfulness of the processing which, on the basis of consent or exercised consent until its revocation.

8. Protection of personal data
The controller will, in the processing and processing of personal data of an individual, comply with the requirements of the applicable legislation in the field of personal data protection (ZVOP-1, Official Gazette 94/2007). In order to protect personal data, the controller will use organizational, technical and other appropriate procedures and measures to prevent unauthorized destruction of data, alteration or loss of data and unauthorized processing. The operator is not responsible for any errors that result from the submission of incorrect information when registering on the portal website.

9. Cookie Policy
The Website uses cookies to provide a better user experience and to monitor visitor statistics. Visitors are informed about the use of cookies when they first visit the site, and we ask the visitor for their consent to use some cookies. The visitor may change their decision regarding the use of cookies at this site at any time. The Website does not transmit cookies to external service providers and does not use cookies to display advertisements.

10. Information regarding online dispute resolution pursuant to Art. 14 Para. 1 of the ODR (Online Dispute Resolution Regulation)
The European Commission gives consumers the opportunity to resolve online disputes pursuant to Art. 14 Para. 1 of the ODR on one of their platforms.
The platform (http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr) serves as a site where consumers can try to reach out-of-court settlements of disputes arising from online purchases and contracts for services.

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